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All Sharp Solutions is a family oriented sharpening business serving Beauty Salons, Barbers, Groomers, Veterinarians, Florist, Tailors, and Hobbyist.  We sharpen most Commercial, Industrial, and Residential shears, scissors, and clipper blades. For more information check out our other pages.

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Here at All Sharp Solutions, we provide quality sharpening service using professional equipment. For Clipper Blades, we use "The Shop" Clipper Blade Sharpening System.  For precision Shear and Scissor sharpening, we use the EZ-Vex and Twice-As-Sharp systems and our finishing work on Japanese Water Stones.

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All Sharp Solutions specialize in sharpening Japanese style convex shears, German style bevel shears, coated shears, thinners and texturizers, curved shears, serrated shears, pinking shears, and lefties.  We sharpen small manicure and lab scissors, florist shears, tailor shears, leather shears, butcher shears, and much more.  We also provide repair, adjustments, and replacement parts for shears and scissors.

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All Sharp Solutions provides incredible sharp Clipper Blades for your Business and Home needs.  Whether you use ceramic or steel blades, we have the equipment to get the job done. 

All Sharp Solutions provides maintenance and minor repairs on most Andis, Oster, Wahl, and Lister clipper and trimmer machines. Regular clipper maintenance is necessary in order for your blades to cut hair and for you to get full use of your clippers.