Things You Need To Know About Clipper Blades

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  • Do not separate clipper blades. Mail complete sets, cutter and comb, especially for ceramic blades

  • Blades with broken teeth will not be sharpened. It is a hazard to the client.

  • Only use ceramic blades on clean animals. It only takes one grain of sand to cause the blade to not cut right.

  • Always break in ceramic blades when new or after sharpening, oil them then run on clipper for a minute. This will seat itself to the metal blade below.

  • To recondition and/or fix rust issues will cost $2.50 extra. Please remember to clean and oil your blades when storing to prevent rust.

  • All blades are inspected, disinfected, sharpened, lubricated, adjusted, and tested.

Things You Need To Know About Clipper Machines

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  • If clippers need a part we don't have in stock, repairs may take longer.

  • Clipper maintenance usually requires a new link, lever, or blade drive.

  • Some trimmer machines cannot be serviced.

  • Only a limited type of Wahl clippers can be serviced. We cannot get parts.

  • All Sharp Solutions provides maintenance and minor repairs on most Andis, Oster, Wahl, and Lister clipper and trimmer machines. Regular clipper maintenance is necessary in order for your blades to cut hair and for you to get full use of your clippers. If ever your sharp blades do not cut, you may need to replace the link, lever or blade drive.