Drop-Box service is provided to save you time and money.

  • Drop your package off, get your items serviced, then receive it back by USPS 

  • There is a drop box, just like the one pictured here, in Newburgh Indiana.

  • You may also call to find me on my route. Just drop your package off with me, with it's completed form, and I will try to get it shipped back to you the next business day. (812) 897-5095

  1. Print out the Mail-In Service Form by clicking the Form button. Please fill out the form completely and print clearly.

  2. Place the completed form in the box with your items to be sharpened or repaired. If any parts are needed, the amount will be added to your invoice after serviced. Please be sure to add your email for an Email Invoice.

  3. Wrap each shear, scissor, or clipper blade in material that will keep them protected during transit, like old newspaper or a padded envelope if they do not have a case. Always use a box to ship your items to ensure they arrive safely. Be sure to pack your items tightly to avoid damage.

  4. Note:  (All Sharp Solutions is not responsible for lost or damaged items while in transit) Please 'insure' your package.

  5. For Insurance rates with USPS, click the USPS Insurance button.

  6. If you are shipping your return box by USPS, click the USPS Shipping Rate button and scroll down to "small flat rate box" section.

  7. You may drop your package off at 5311 Jeffries Ln, Newburgh, Indiana 7 days a week between 7am and 7pm. 

  8. The drop box is at the top of the driveway in front of the garage to the left. It has an All Sharp Solutions label on it.

To pay with PayPal, Click the Buy Now button.

Make checks payable to All Sharp Solutions

A tracking number and invoice will be provided through your email.