Things You Need To Know About Shears And Scissors

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  • Most shears and scissors are inspected, disassembled, disinfected, sharpened, assembled, parts replaced if necessary, adjusted, lubricated, and tested.

  • Please note on your form what you use your shears for and the hair cutting technique you use with each shear.

We sharpen all types and brands of shears including Anvil USA, Shark Fin, Sensei, Kasho, Wolff, Kashi, Aussie Dog, Hikari, Yasaka, Lucky Hare, Fromm, Geib Buttercut, Rose Line, Shisato, Kansai, Jaguar, Heritage, KAI, Monk, Arius Eickert, Kenchii, Centrix, Oster, Joewell, Washi, Ookomi, RazorSharp, Sakura, Mitsuzaki, Cricket, Kamisori, Andis, Nina, and all others.